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In Progress…

My last official blog post was in June of 2015. My “day job” was keeping me so busy that I really did not have much time to post anything interesting. I switched to Instagram, which is my favorite social media platform. It is visual and easy to post updates. You can follow me @marybethvolpini, @drawntohearts_ and @drawntocolorstudios

photo by @marivicdivina

It has been a goal of mine to re-design my website, sell my artwork and blog again. This website and blog is a work in progress. I just created my new blog header tonight. I am pleased with how it turned out. I am working on uploading my images to a shop powered by Shopify.

So in between my day job in property management, looking for hearts everywhere I go, taking a million photos of flowers (and a few of Mario) and line dancing on Friday nights, I will try to get this website all spiffy and make it easy to see my art and even purchase a piece or two if you are so inclined! In the mean time, if you see any pieces in my portfolio or on my Instagram that you are interested in owning, please do not hesitate to message me!

Keep your eyes peeled for hearts!